Neovim: The Best Editor I've Accidentally Discovered

Posted on Tue 21 September 2021 in dev

As a relatively newb programmer, I've heard of Vim here and there. Coming from Visual Studio and Visual Studio code however, while it always sounded cool to do everything with a keyboard, it sounded extremely intimidating as a tool for programming. Vim literally dates back to the early 90s, before I was even a thought in my parent's minds!

I came across Neovim in this Hacker News thread a few weeks ago, and I finally decided that I should try out Vim. Neovim is a far more welcoming, modern implementation of Vim. I've never really used plain Vim, but from everything I read about its relatively new brother, it was worth the try.

I've finally gotten relatively comfortable using Neovim, as in, I can finally use it without stumbling over myself. It's super refreshing and feels so much more efficient and enjoyable to code with compared to VS Code. However, I've never been one to enjoy the process of endlessly configuring things, which Neovim definitely invites, given it's infinite possibilities in terms of configuring things to your tastes.

That's where LunarVim comes in! It's an extension of Neovim that's straightforward to install, well documented, and ships with sane configurations for one to get started using Neovim. I took the approach of figuring out my own basic Neovim configuration before hopping into LunarVim, so I would actually understand what was going on. And that's what I would recommend for everyone, but regardless, it's fantastic!

So I'll say, definitely give LunarVim a try. It and the shoulders it's built upon are certainly worth the large learning curve, for some people anyways.

Good luck :)